Monday, May 7, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

As i mention earlier, gonna blog about Loreal UV perfect moisturing lotion .
most of the time, 10am to 3pm  is the HOTTEST period.  we tend to get sunburn easily. 

people like me who love outdoor activity and girls who like going out shopping at this hour 
will eventually get darker skin , especially our face .

headache of what to buy  ?

 look ! i have sunburn too, and then.... i found uv perfect lotion . 
suitable for me,  and i simply love it .

Well, i'm here to share with all of you about this product which i've been
using recently. UV Perfect Loreal moisturing lotion. SPF 50 !!!! 
UVA PA++  and is 12 H longlasting UV protector . 

what's so good about it ?
Helps prevent sun from damaging our skin.
advance formula helps protect our skin against daily aggressions
and the damage caused by harmful uv rays of sun . 

packaging look like this. Is convenience for me to carry around ,
small and handy.

some of you may think most of the lotion is greasy , sticky
and difficult for you to put on make up. But the innovative texture leaves 
your skin non greasy and non sticky at all ! 
Best thing also this lotion can be used at the end of your skincare routine, as a daily
moisturing make-up base. Start taking care of your skin and prevent skin from
damaged ! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in singapore. I'm away for a trip!

Doing up my beauty post naoz!! Love the new updates from blogger as well.
easier for me ~ 
Posting up some of my raw shoot which i did last few weeks . 

heading to senotsa late afternoon, i know is hot.
but overall i enjoy myself alot during the session ~

photographer is nice too !

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Friday, April 20, 2012

What can i pamper my face with ?

thanks to CLEO, i'm one of the winner in march
receive this ~ Loving it so much.
the hamper comes with loreal youth code, uv perfect, washing foam and whitening cream !
This is what i need the most. Been so tan recently ! godness .

loreal youth code boosting essence. Will do a review on this soon .
simply love the texture of my skin .

loreal uv perfect protector , spf 50 . I NEED THIS!!!

loreal gel washing, comes with the scrublet, cleasing brush .
last but not least loreal whitening cream, best, before i'm out whole day .
what so good about this? comes with spf 17, oh gosh!
will be blogging my next review on this !
stay tune guys!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preview of yacht this week.
such a busy month for me. Non - stop working
but where my money gone??? meet up the photographer and ling at marina
keppel bay early in the morning. 7.30 am !

having our briefing. Our yacht is so damn cool and nice !
spacious enough . Thanks ling for the invite !

sat on the yacht roughly about 10 mins journey to a island
soooooooo drowsy and shaky !
a few shot of the island , fresh air ! Love it so much .

and this is where we stop and do our shoot ! Weather is so damn hot.
professional in da house.

climbing on top and enjoying the sea breeze ~

my photgraphy time ! look at everyone ~
and all of us !
once again good experience i had, good photgrapher's,
model, mua and ling mama

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visted ricky at his new work place. !
totally change my hair look and my whole outlook .
Pretty love this ! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

shoot shoot shoot, i'm doing shoot for the past few weeks.

These are the preview , Love much though.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

One of the shot which i love alot.
April 's honey

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thank you ~!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

One of my all time favourite....
Miss the times when i was at bangkok
miss those sweet memories , however things can't bring me back ..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

When is the last time when you headed down to zoo?
wanted to go zoo and L promise to bring me there when he's off !
we headed to singapore zoo on his off day.
Excited much , cabbed down and reach about 10 mintues time.
first thing when we reach there,
we are going to have our breakfast/ lunch at ah meng cafe !~ HUNGRY

ah meng cafe!!!! menu time !~

Laksa is for me
and he order nasi , seriously , the drum stick is so big !
L was saying that ah meng cafe nasi is super nice , must try .
my ice lemon tea, such a big cup ! should share this with him in the first place.
if i'm not wrong is $3.80 for this. Which i can't finished up.
and his '' Teh '' and this cup reminds me when im young!

after our breakfast/ lunch, is time to for the zoo trip.
entrance ~
well, i missed all the feeding time.
i saw this ! the scariest of all, crocodile ~
penguin !!!

both of us was worrying about the monkey because L was wearing hat,
and he was afraid that the monkey will snatch his hat away
i told him that the previous time when i came down there, those monkey
wanted to pee on my hat ! laughing *
horse's ! those horse look so tired, poor horse .
and i love this horse ! he look so white, so clean .
horse carriage !
The sheep is so cute and they dont attack people !

rabbit zone....
and snake !
i don't remember the name of this animal, look like rat
and their face look scary.

King of Lion ~
giraffe!! we saw the giraffe running in the rain!
do you know that giraffe run very fast ?

isn't them look so firece ?!

us ! we took a picture on the souvenir shop.
the hat look damn cute and funny. But this is expensive !
well, after all i had alot of fun, is a fun trip down to zoo, remind me of old days.
last but not least, thanks L .